About Prune Deer

With the relative popularity of post-rock and math-rock within the Hong Kong indie scene, it was only a matter of time before new talent emerged, riding off the back of the success of acts like Chochukmo. One of them is Prune Deer, a young four-piece who are producing a heavy-ish cerebral, complex and occasionally funky rock that nods heavily to Japanese bands like te’. A math-rock band by chance – they used to do hard and melodic rock before the leaving of their vocalist and the arrival of new guitarist, HanZ Fanatico – they’re now one of the great hopes in the emerging instrumental rock scene.

“…Post and math rock command a formidable following in HK, and this cerebral instrumental four-piece, with their blend of complex and methodical rock, are one of the city’s finest examples. They’ve been active in the scene for years but it’s only recently that they’ve hit their stride.”

- TimeOut Hong Kong

About arson

arson is a high-energy rock band from Singapore. The band’s music is best described as ethereal hardcore – a mix between heavy rock music interlaced with ambient, reverb-driven vocals. With the latest addition of a second guitarist completing the band’s line-up, arson is currently focused on promoting the band’s latest four-track EP ‘Ephyra’. Fresh from performing at this year’s Baybeats Festival 2015, the band is also busy penning a slew of new originals, with the aim of completing a full-length album in 2016

Mon Jan 18, 2016
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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